David Larsen

David Larsen Portrait

David Larsen
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, USA

Dr. David Larsen is an epidemiologist with expertise in global health and infectious disease. He received a masters degree in public health and doctorate degree from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine from the department of International Health and Development in 2013. Dr. Larsen is now an associate professor in the department of public health at Syracuse University. From 2015-2016, Dr. Larsen served as the director of public health for Akros, an international non-governmental organization based in Lusaka, Zambia that focuses on surveillance systems to improve health and precision delivery of public health interventions. Most of Dr. Larsen’s career has focused on the surveillance, control, and elimination of malaria while also adapting and applying those principles to other infectious disease systems.

Throughout the pandemic, Dr. Larsen has advised on coronavirus surveillance and control at Syracuse University while also leading ongoing initiatives to establish a wastewater surveillance platform for the state of New York.
Dr. Larsen is the happy father of four young children and lives in upstate New York with them and his wife, Natalia.