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When can a puppy start wearing a Seresto collar

A puppy can start wearing a Seresto collar as soon as they reach 7 weeks of age. The collar should not be put on a puppy under the age of 7 weeks.

The Seresto collar is usually worn for 8 months and it releases a pesticide which helps to protect the puppy from fleas and ticks. It works best when it is fitted snugly but not too tight around the neck or wrist of your pup. It should also not be put on an animal that already has existing skin inflammations, cuts or wounds in those areas.

To conclude

It’s important to understand when your puppy is appropriate to wear a Seresto flea and tick collar in order to provide them with optimal protection against parasites and other pests. By following manufacturer guidelines regarding age and weight, you can ensure that your pup is well-protected while wearing this form of preventive care.



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